what we do.

Fintech Global Center is a center of excellence for all your technology needs, whether you are an established financial institution, or an entrepreneur who is looking to disrupt the fintech industry with your products and services. We build, run and manage trading systems, or components thereof.

A human body is believed to be made of Five Elements, known as Panch Tatva: Earth, Water, Fire, Space and Air. Similarly a fintech business system and solution needs its own Five Elements of technology services: Architect, Develop, Support, Operate and Maintain, referred to


We put in a lot of time and effort getting the arcitecture right.

Better get this right. This is what gives you the most headaches otherwise!


We follow scrum process with a special attention to robust coding.

Get down and dirty, build it, get it done!


We provide a 24x7 support.

What's the point, if you do not have guts to support what you built?


We build right tools, and operate the system, 24x7.

See it working!


We keep it running, and keep making it better.

Death, Taxes, and Bugs are facts of life. Fix them! Enhance the system!

We provide all five element 'adsom' services, or pieces thereof, for all your fintech needs.

why us.

To architect, build, run, operate and manage a fintech system, you need three things. Someone who 1) understands the financial industry, your business, 2) understands technology, especially applicable to the financial industry including security, compliance and reliability, and 3) can build and manage systems and teams, cost efficiently.

1. somebody who understands the business.

Most technology projects fail or take a lot longer to build because the team fails to really understand the business. Our team has been involved in global financial markets and throughly understands financial products, what they are and how they trade. We have experience dealing with hundreds of financial products, from equities to money markets, cash to credit, interest rate to inflation, corporates to treasuries, fx to ndf; trading systems from central limit order book to request for quote supporting all types of order types, matching engines, limits and risk matrix; not to forget trade affirmation, confirmations and billing and invoicing. Our know how of the products and processes significantly reduces time to market.

2. somebody who understands technology

Technology is constantly changeing. You don't want to get stuck in the past, not innovating, while also being mindful of not just using the bleeding edge technology just to sound "cool". Our team has the skill understands the strengths and to pick the right technologies and tools for the job. Weather it be a complex product system that trades 100 times a day to a high frequency trading system, we understand the challenges vary tremendously. Building an equity system is very different from say an interest rate swaps system, which is even more different from a corporate bonds system to an FX trading systems. We pride in keeping a close tab on what's happening in the industry, be it cloud, AI, machine learning, or business intelligence, and use technologies that make the most sense for the job at hand.

3. somebody who can cost efficiently build and manage teams

Every successful solution requires building a team that requires architects, developers, qa, support, system administrators and project managers; and a strong agile and scrum process for DevOps. Our team has multiple decades of building an extremely efficient complete team, at a fraction of cost, on shore and off shore. We can ADSOM your system with the efficiency needed at a cost that can only be realized leveraging an on shore-off shore model.


We build, run and manage fintech trading systems, or components thereof. Our clients include from very large established global financial organizations to young disruptive entrepreneurial fintech firms. We have excellent relationships with industry leaders in the area of technology, data, analytics, trading, straight through processing, and reporting. Some of our projects are:

A Global FX, Contract For Difference (CFD) Trading Platform
A Global Fixed Income, Equities, FX, Give ups, Securities Financing and Special Transactions Trade Management System
A Global FX/NDF, FX Options, Interest Rate Market Data, Analytics, Trading, STP, Reporting System
A Fixed Income Market Data and Analytics System

A trading system consists of various components, such as Market Data, Analytics, Trading Engine, Trading Protocols, Confirms, STP, Reg Reporting, Compliance Monitoring, etc. Many systems require FIX connectivity for Market data, Trading and Trade Capture Reports. A trading UI, Market making tools such as Excel and connectivity to external systems is important as well. The system additionally needs several middle office and back office components. A fintech system must be secure and complaint with various regulations for trading.

Call us, whether you need help with one or more of these components, or need someone to build the entire system for you. We have experience in building, running and managing all of these components for the global fintech industry for Fixed Income, FX, Rates, Credit, Equities and other products and asset classes.

who we are.

Our team is headed by a group of veteran fintech professionals who have built, run and managed complete front to back global financial market data, analytics, trading, straight through processing and reporting systems. The systems include various asset classes such as Equities, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate, Credit, Fixed Income, Commodities, Energy and other esoteric asset classes and exotic products.

Thousands of high value transaction, worth multi trillions of dollars, have been executed on the systems we have built. These transactions were executed by major banks and global financial institutions in cities across the globe, such as New York, London, Singapore and Japan.

The founder of the company, Ashok Mittal, has more than three decades of technology and financial industry experience. Our ever growing team consists of both fintech industry experts and young professionals. The partners of the firm are all veterans of the fintech industry.

HR, 15+ YRS
PM, 10+ YRS
OPS, 10+ YRS
QA, 8+ YRS


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